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What differentiates us 

Daring and Bold in our Vision

Intrepid Explorers

We are exploring groundbreaking treatment options to transform lives.

We are a team of mission-based scientists, clinicians, researchers, and business executives, connected through our passion to provide better treatment solutions for patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and scientific rigor as we investigate new treatment options using fungi-based solutions.

Our Team

CEO Portrait
Biography CEO
Bio Joanna Regular Square.png
Bio Joanna Hover Square_edited.png
Portrait of Ryan Murphy General Counsel and Executive Director
Bio Ryan Murphy General Counsel and Executive Director
Portrait of CFO Tad Buchanan
Short Biography of Tad Buchanan, CFO
Portrait of CSO Nick Moore
Bio Nick Hover Square_edited.png
Short biography Dr. Pamela Kryskow, Co-Founder
Short Biography Paul Stamets, Founder
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